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Chimney's & metal roofs

I have a recomendation or two, concerning this subject.  When considering installing a metal roof on a home, in which has a chimney, one thing you need to consider, is the chimney cap.  If you have a cap on your chimney, and it is not copper or stainless steel, you need to plan on having this changed.  If you have a top that is apt to rust, then over time, that rust will run down to your new metal roof, and will cause a really ugly mess of rust stains down your roof.  I know this to be true, because a few years ago, I priced a roof for a man, who got someone else to install it for him.  He had a chimney with a galvanized top.  It was rusty when the roof was installed.  Less than three months later, he had a terrible rust stain from the chimney down to the gutter.  This was visible from the main highway, to every person who passes by.  

Below, are some pictures of another metal roof I recently worked on, in which this has occured.  This roof is less than 5 years old.  The first two pictures are of the rusty chimney cap.  The third picture, is of the stains on the fairly new metal roof.


I highly recommend when installing a new metal roof, to install the proper chimney cap as well, to prevent this mess from happening to you.

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